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Pilates for Hip Pain

If you suffer from hip pain, Pilates is an excellent way to ease the discomfort. Sometimes caused by issues with nearby muscles, ligaments or tendons, hip pain can also be referred from the lower back. While it may be tempting to keep the area immobile, in fact, a Pilates practise can decrease pain significantly. This is because the joint itself benefits from gentle yet deliberate movement.

The Hip joint is a large, weight-bearing ball and socket joint, the surfaces of the hip bones are covered by a thin synovial membrane, which lubricates the joint and nourishes it. Pilates activates this healthy process which keeps the hip limber.

Pilates increases flexibility and builds strength in the surrounding muscles, such as the hip flexors and glutes.  Being sedentary for long periods of time causes the flexors to become tight, as they stay in a shortened position. This often causes pain and makes them more prone to injury, especially for runners due to the repetitive movement. There are many hip-strengthening exercises in Pilates that can prevent the muscles from weakening, and many stretches that can encourage muscle health. All benefit the hip joint immensely.


Pilates is a safe and secure way to correct muscle imbalance and muscle damage, whilst building additional strength and stability.

Pilates can greatly benefit the hip joint and give support to common hip issues and injuries such as hip bursitis, hip dysplasia, hip osteoarthritis, hip labral tear and general aches and pains surrounding the hip joint that can occur after high impact exercise such as running.








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