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About Caroline

I am the Founder of pure space and have been working with clients on both a mental and physical level for the past 12 years. I bring a wealth of my own experience and learning, to enable others in becoming mindful of their mental and physical self and to develop the tools to feel mentally and physically well. 

My Story

My own journey and recovery inspired me to create Purespace a safe and bespoke environment where people can come and heal from mental and physical issues, trauma and injuries in order to feel whole again. My previous 10 year career as a journalist working with NBC News taught me many things about the importance of self-care, managing our stress response and allowing our bodies time to heal from physical and emotional injuries. I believe passionately about listening to our mind and body by utilising specific tools and skills and making these skills transferable and simply implemented for each and everyone of us within all living and working environments.

I trained with US trainer and author Richard Bandler the co-creator of Neurolinguistic Programming in London and certified as a fully licensed NLP Practitioner in 2018.  This study of successful behaviours, and the thoughts that produce them is a great compliment to the ICF certified Transformational and Performance Development Coaching training I completed with the UK's Coaching Academy.  I spent time rehabilitating myself and learning to help others with a full STOTT Pilates certification for injuries, musculoskeletal issues and special populations. I completed my rehabilitation training with STOTT in 2009. I specialise in helping clients by teaching and helping them re-train their specific breath patterns with breathwork training. I trained with the Transformational Breathing method in London.

I bring a wealth of my own tools, skills and personal experience into my work with clients and feel passionately about helping clients to develop a compassionate and resilient mindset with Compassion Focused Therapy work. I help clients to develop a positive and lasting difference in their life through personal development, stress management and wellness coaching as well as physically bespoke Pilates rehabilitation sessions attuned to specific posture type, breath patterns and specific issues and injuries that need care and attention. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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