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Personal 1-2-1 Pilates Rehabilitation Sessions

Caroline provides support with bespoke Pilates Rehabilitation Sessions that are tailored to each posture type strengths and areas for development, issues or injuries. Sessions take place in a fully equipped private Pilates studio in Barnes Village, South West London or online via Zoom. Caroline works in collaboration and communicates directly with your own medical advisors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors to ensure you have the safest most effective bespoke and progressive program available to you. 

Do you feel reluctant and unsure about getting back to an exercise program after a long-term injury or issue? Do you feel unsure of your body, are struggling with tight, stiff muscles and pain and lack confidence in what movement feels safe? Caroline specialises in recovery and rehabilitation from chronic pain and helps to break the pain cycle both mentally and physically which so many of us get stuck in.


With a combination of Pilates taught with bespoke micro-modifications and corrections along with somatic release work, NLP coaching techniques and Breathwork, Caroline brings together all her skills and experience to help heal and release tightly held muscles and recover feeling confident again and able to move with ease, let go and take control of mind and body.


If pain is controlling your life and you have stopped trusting what movements feel safe for you and miss feeling free in your body and frustrated about not knowing the best exercise to do then get in touch. Caroline is the niche that will help bridge the gap between completed treatment with a medical professional and getting back to the right exercise program. 

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