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Clinical Pilates

The key to developing the perfect Pilates program is to work directly with each clients medical professional. Caroline will liaise regularly and directly with each clients GP, Orthopedic Surgeon, Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Chiropractor or similar to discuss exact injuries and issues, the timeline of them and the amount of help and support each area has needed and how much support will be needed in the future.


Caroline developed this method of support to bridge the gap between leaving a medical professional such as an osteopath and then attempting to get back to the right exercise program. Caroline discovered a niche in the market that was very much needed to support clients who have had particularly high levels of chronic pain and ensuring they were safe to get back to the right exercise program for their body. Caroline focuses on micro corrections and redeveloping asymmetry in the body after injury. She offers long-term care and support both physically and psychologically to clients who have suffered long-term pain.

Clinical Pilates is taught properly and with careful, safe and fine detail to ensure the best for clients positioning and movement. Clinical Pilates is proper Pilates taught over a bespoke program and a wide variety of supportive equipment.

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