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 Clinical Pilates Studio 
in the heart of Barnes village 

pure space Pilates Reformer & equipment studio in Barnes is run by rehabilitation and fitness specialist Caroline Brennan. Caroline works on a 1-2-1 basis with clients of all ages and fitness levels to help restore and maintain the body's muscular balance after injury. She addresses any issues to help improve joint stability and anatomical function as a whole.

Caroline creates a safe and bespoke environment which offers clients a unique collaboration with their medical professional (physiotherapist/osteopath/chiropractor) to ensure safe, progressive, healing and effective workouts.


We are a private studio offering STOTT Pilates reformer sessions located in the heart of Barnes village, London SW13. We specialise in clinical and rehabilitation Pilates. 

We offer Pilates for all fitness levels and also specialist prenatal, post natal Pilates & beginners Pilates. Clinical Pilates for issues such as lower back pain, frozen shoulder. Catering for all age groups.

By incorporating all components of fitness at pure space, you will be able to develop a lean strong physique and restore the body's muscular balance, improve joint stability and anatomical function as a whole.

We can offer a unique collaboration with each clients medical professional (physiotherapist/osteopath/chiropractor) to ensure safe, progressive, healing and effective workouts.

When you come to pure space you will receive full support and guidance to help you on a bespoke level.




All new clients are required to attend a new client introductory session before attending any other sessions


Success Stories



Tom came to me 4 years ago suffering from acute sciatica. At 70 years of age this was his first introduction to exercise and movement of the body. We have gradually worked together over the years to improve his functional movement as a whole working across all supportive Pilates equipment with a combination of course stability work and weight training.

I have watched Tom go from strength to strength he now moves with ease is completely pain free from sciatica and he keeps up his fitness by walking everywhere.

We have also worked together to improve his gait he is able to walk pain-free and also cycles his bike around Richmond Park! I am inspired by the amount of effort and time Tom has put into his sessions with me and he is going from strength to strength.


Harriet has been coming to her 1-2-1 sessions for nearly 2 years now and has greatly reduced the effects of Scoliosis. She has more control over managing her condition herself since practicing Pilates regularly. The comfort levels in her body have greatly increased.

We have worked together to release tight areas of the spine, improve her awareness of alignment and strengthen the internal muscles that support and control her spine.

By consistently utilising a range of Pilates exercises to address the lateral curve imbalances, working both symmetrically and asymmetrically, we have retrained the deep muscles of her trunk in order to rebalance the muscles and teach her body how to stand and move in better alignment, reducing the effects of the scoliosis.

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